About TheHolisticHunny

Hi Friends, I'm Rose!

Thanks for being here with me. What a wild and wonderful world we live in. Here's a little background on how TheHolisticHunny began.

I was sick, burned out and hopeless . . .

at one time in my life. I visited countless doctors, tried countless medications, but nothing helped my chronic health symptoms.

After over a decade of research and trying everything from conventional medicine, to more natural and holistic approaches, I can finally see the light.

One thing I know for sure

Living a healthy lifestyle isn't about one single thing. It's a culmination of all the things! Everything from what kind of water we drink, the things we wash our clothes with, the beauty products we put on our skin and the information we consume– it all matters.

If there is one thing I want to remind you of, it is that you are already whole, you are already perfect. We unfortunately live in a toxic world, and sometimes we need natural and holistic tools to help bring our systems back into balance.

The products and reccomendations I made on this site are by no means going to be a cure all. We must look a the whole picture of health not just the products we consume and buy.

TheHolisticHunny is a culmination of almost 2 decades of research on holistic health (none of this is intended to be medical advice, always consult your doctor if you have health related questions). I hope this collection of curated wellness products/books helps you on your journey.

All the best,