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Are you looking for a way to protect your home from EMFs?

EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are present everywhere and can be harmful to our health.

There are many products on the market that claim to offer protection from EMFs, but it can be difficult to know which ones work best.

In this article, we will discuss the best ways to protect your home from EMFs along with some of my favorite emf protection devices.

How TheHolisticHunny Chooses the Best EMF Protection Brands

EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are all around us and they're invisible, but that doesn't mean they're not harmful.

The World Health Organization has classified EMFs as a possible carcinogen, meaning they could cause cancer.

We've got the best protection for you and your family with our roundup of the top products to shield you from EMFs. Our experts have tested and reviewed the best options so you can feel confident in your purchase.

8 Small Black Sun Orgonite Tower Busters

Best Entry Level Option

Orgonite Andy

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Why It's a Top Pick:

Looking to keep your home free of harmful EMFs? Then look no further than these 8 Small Black Sun Orgonite Tower Busters. These powerful little crystal orgone energy accumulators will help clear the negative energy from your environment, and also work to heal your chakras. Additionally, they'll act as a powerful deterrent against electromagnetic radiation.

Things to Know:

It is important to have EMF protection for your home, especially if you spend a lot of time there. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are created by electronic devices and can be harmful to your health. There are a number of products on the market that claim to protect you from EMFs, but not all of them work well.

Each tower covers approximately 25 ft of protection.

These towers have a Copper Spiral to help Boost the flow of the Energy Vortex and brass shavings to the bottoms of theTower Busters as a special touch.

Leela Quantum Tech Quantum Bloc

Most Powerful EMF Protection

Leela Quantum Tech

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Why It's a Top Pick:

The Leela Quantum Bloc is your one-stop shop for all things EMF protection. It harmonizes and neutralizes EMF radiation from WiFi, microwaves, and other devices, so you can breathe easy knowing that your home is shielded from harmful electromagnetic frequencies. Plus, it's literally impossible to list all of the things that a Quantum Bloc can support, optimize and help with--so why not try one for yourself? It's a little on the pricey side but WELL worth the investment.

I personally have tried many of the Leela Quantum products including the water bottle, HEAL necklace and Quantum Abundance card and found them to be so powerful!

Things to Know:

EMF protection for your home is important, and the Quantum Bloc can help. The standard Quantum Bloc range is about 40 – 45 meters (130 – 145 feet) in all directions.

Also, you can structurally enhance and optimize anything that fits in a Quantum Bloc, i.e. water, other beverages, food, groceries, and even other products like tennis rackets, water bottles, etc. to neutralize negative energy and optimize your life!

Somavedic Vedic

EMF Protection & Water Structurer


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Why It's a Top Pick:

There's a new way to protection your home from harmful EMFs and it comes in the form of a cute green light. Just plug in your Somavedic Green Medic and you're good to go!

I have personally used this device for over a year and even find a way to take it with me when I travel! I use it daily to structure my water.

This little guy has been tested throughout time by different independent laboratories and is proven to have positive results on our cells and bodies.

Its effects lead to improved speed of cell regeneration and it has positive effects on HRV, cardiovascular and nervous system. Most of all, people experience better sleep and have more energy during the day. So why wait? Give yourself (and your family) the gift of Somavedic today!

Things to Know:

There are many ways to protect your home from electromagnetic radiation (EMF), but one of the most effective is with a device like Somavedic Green Medic. This product is designed on the principle of controlled release of energy from precious and semi-precious stones, and when used in your home it creates a coherent, life-supporting field with a radius of 30 meters (100 feet) in all directions. This field penetrates floors and walls, providing EMF protection for your entire home.

Again, this is definitely an investment in your well being, but it's well worth it in my opinion.

EMF Protection FAQ:

It can be tough to know which type of emf protection for home is best for you and your family.

With all of the different types of emf protection for home on the market, it's hard to know which one is right for you. Do you need an emf blocker? An emf shield? EMF Harmonizer!

We've created this FAQ to help make your decision easier. By answering some common questions about emf protection for home, we hope to guide you to the best product for your needs.

What is EMF radiation?

EMF radiation is short for electromagnetic fields, a type of energy that travels through the air and is emitted by electronic devices.

What are the dangers of EMF radiation?

There is still much unknown about the effects of EMF radiation on humans. However, some studies have shown that long-term exposure to EMFs can increase your risk for cancer, heart disease, and other health problems.

If you have any kind of disease or health condition, or any other health risks, you could be impacted by radiation exposure more easily.

How can I protect my home from EMF radiation?

There are a few things you can do to help reduce your exposure to EMFs in your home:

  • Keep electronics like TVs, computers, and cell phones as far away from your body as possible
  • Use an EMF blocker, shield or harmonizer to deflect or neutralize the radiation emitted by these devices
  • Avoid using cordless phones and Bluetooth headsets
  • Consider moving your bed away from electrical outlets and wires

Is there anything else I can do?

You can also take some simple precautions to reduce your exposure to EMFs outside of your home:

  • Avoid using microwaves ovens
  • Don’t stand too close to power lines or antennas
  • avoid using your cell phone on your face (use speaker phone)
  • ask your utility company to remove your smart meter

Final Thoughts About Emf Protection For Home

When it comes to electromagnetic fields and your health, there are a lot of unknowns. However, by taking some simple precautions in your home you can help reduce your exposure. EMFs come from many sources inside and outside the home, but some of the main ones to focus on are those from electronic devices and appliances, power lines, cell phones and towers, and wireless networks. You don’t have to make big changes or spend a lot of money to lower your EMF exposure; start with these tips:

-Use wired connections instead of Wi-Fi whenever possible

-Keep electronics at least 2 feet away from your body

-Turn off electronics when not in use

-Avoid using cordless phones

-Consider using an EMF shielding device like a pendant or patch

When you feel it is right, investing in an effective emf protection device like the ones mentioned above can really help balance out the harmful effects of EMF's.

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