My Journey Healing From Toxic Mold & COFFEE!

mold free coffee

A few years ago I found myself experiencing many weird symptoms after moving into a little cottage by the bay.

A few things I was experiencing: extreme fatigue and dizziness upon standing, horrible sleep, eye floaters, and other digestive upsets.

I had known that the cottage contained mold, because right after I had moved in, I found that a pipe under the sink was leaking, and there was lots of visible mold growing on one of my cabinets!

Little did I know that the cottage had had mold issues in the bathroom many years prior. That mixed with what I know now (my body doesn't detox mold as easily as others), I realized I had full on black mold illness!

What Does Mold Have to Do With Coffee!?

During that time, I actually had to quit coffee completely, as I wasn't able to tolerate it.

After lots of research, I learned that most coffee (including organic coffee), contains mold (or is not tested for mold) due to the nature of the way that it is processed and stored.

I later found that there are coffee companies that are dedicated to ensuring that their coffees are indeed mold free, through the use of 3rd party testing.

This changed the game for me! I was finally able to drink coffee again, and even better, I stopped experiencing the jitters that I previously had when I drank coffee.

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Should I Drink Coffee If I'm Healing From Mold?

If you are craving coffee while you are healing from mold exposure, it is likely that your liver needs a little love! Coffee is one of the most potent tools available for liver health, as it increased the bile flow, thus your liver is able to move toxins through more effectively.

There has been so much controversy over coffee and if it is really healthy. With all of that set aside, one thing we know for sure is that it IS an effective tool for increasing bile flow.

If you are healing from toxic mold, it is important to drink mold free coffee. Coffee is a major source of mold, and drinking it can hinder your healing process. There are a few ways to ensure that your coffee is mold free. You can buy coffee that is certified mold free, or you can roast your own coffee beans. You can also make sure that your coffee maker is clean and free of mold.

A great resource that I found during my mold healing Journey was a book by Jill Crista called Break the Mold. It is a great resource for sure!

Final Thoughts

If you're struggling with toxic mold, know that you're not alone. There are many others who have gone through the same thing and have come out the other side. While the process of healing can be difficult, it is possible to get your life back.

The very first step in healing from toxic mold is to get out of the toxic environment as soon as possible. Next, I would recommend looking into working with a practitioner that is familiar with regenerative medicine, and cleanse the liver and color FIRST before clearing the mold out of your body (I learned this the hard way by working with a functional doctor).

One of the most trusted practitioners that I recommend is Alex Cousins. She also has an entry level detox program with support and that is a great way to get your health back on track and get to the ROOT CAUSE of all health matters.

Mold free coffee can help you on your journey to recovery by providing your liver with a little extra love. Enjoy!

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